Welcome to the Canadian Company dedicated to helping Canada’s financial services professionals earn more income by putting important,
informative and valuable information into your hands by email on behalf of everyone who’s anyone in the industry in Canada.
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Is there a cost for this service?

This is a free service. In fact, you will be paid to receive messages through the new business you'll do as a result of the knowledge and ideas you'll receive through us.

What are your goals where financial services professionals are concerned?

Our focused objective for you is to "help you increase your income" by providing you with business ideas and at the same time keep you fully informed about important and valuable industry issues.

Can I opt out of certain company mailings that don’t interest me?

You get to decide who you want to hear from. Every message contains an opt out link for that specific company and a link to opt out of all mailings if you’re finding no value.

What if I try it and find no value based on my specific circumstances?

You may opt completely out of our list at any time and we’ll immediately comply with your request.

What if I feel I already get too many emails?

We generally send a maximum of 1 message a day and 3 per week. Rare exceptions may occur when a message is time sensitive or it is determined that it's something you might want to know right now such as a time limited commission bonus offer. Plus, you can opt out of specific company mailings further limiting the number of messages you’ll get. It's true that we all get too many emails but none of us gets too many truly valuable money making ideas through email. All messages will be relevant and we’ll separate the wheat from the chaff.

Is there value if I’m a captive agent?

If you are employed with a company that asks you to deal with only those companies approved by your carrier, you may opt out of specific companies (any that are not approved) using the link we always provide with each message.

Who uses your services to deliver information to Canadas’ financial services professionals?

Brokerages (MGA's), most of Canada's Major Life Companies, paramedical companies, companies who offer CE and industry designation training, industry professional associations, licensing authorities, companies who teach you through web based seminars from the comfort of your own home or office how to get referrals, and a company who specializes in providing coverage on your hard to insure or even declined prospects and pretty much everyone who is anyone in the industry. .

What email address should I use?

You can use the email address you normally use for business, or, some people prefer to use their personal email which offers a better chance you’ll get our messages as companies sometimes use automated spam filters that prevent you from getting some messages, or you can set up a free hotmail account and have us send messages there. Just remember to check it often as it will contain valuable information..

What if my insurance carrier or brokerage (MGA) already provides me with all the information I need?

No one has a monopoly on good ideas. You will get a lot of valuable information through us that you won’t get from anyone else. We know of one situation where there were two $100,000 per year cases issued as a result of something a broker learned though us.

What if I already subscribe to a similar service?

IBMCO sends messages for many industry related companies that do not use the services of other companies similar to ours so you will get information from us you won’t get from anyone else.

Want to know what our recipients have to say about our service?

Thank you for the up-dates. By all means keep sending the information. I am an agent with 40 years in the business and I am most grateful as what you send me keeps me current and informed on the changes and advances in the industry and gives me valuable ideas I use with my clients.
M T (Bud) Whelan
Charlettetown, PEI

Your e-mail information services link agents/advisors with all those various companies out there. Many of those connections, and their marketing, product support, education, seminars, info/flow etc would not have been realized without your industry linkage. As a result we have continued inflow of valuable information and ideas coming directly to us, from which we can glean what we may want/know/persue/use or garbage, at will! Thank you for your valuable service and please continue sending me this most valuable information.
William J Esaw