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How is Lloyd's, London relevant to my insurance advisory practice?

For over 300 years Lloyd's has been the world's leading market for special insurance risks. Today, the market insures some of the world's largest, most unique and complicated risks. They accept business from over 200 countries and territories worldwide. From oil rigs and bridges to celebrity body parts (see  for some interesting examples) from airlines and sporting events to global banks - millions of people are covered at Lloyd's. Lloyd's specializes in risks that are the hardest to value and the trickiest to understand.

BUT.... Lloyd's is also relevant to your day to day insurance advisory practice. As a leading Canadian Lloyd's coverholder, Hunter McCorquodale provides solutions every day to insurance advisors and benefit consultants across Canada who have clients with needs that cannot be handled by their regular insurers. Following is a short list of some of the risks we place in Lloyd's.


Disability Insurance:



     -   Income replacement

     -   Buy-sell

     -   Key person

     -   Business overhead expense

Solutions for:

     -   65 or older and still working

     -   Coverage requirements in excess of regular market limits

     -   Short term needs (between jobs, waiting periods for LTD, etc.)

     -   Unusual occupations (e.g. actors, artists, comedians, athletes, musicians, pilots)

     -   International travel or residency

     -   Guaranteed standard issue available

     -   War risk exposure


Personal Accident:



     -   AD&D or AD only

     -   Optional lump sum for permanent total disability

     -   Individual or group

Solutions for:

     -   International travel or residency

     -   Specific risks (e.g. exclusions in life policies - flying, climbing, war, etc.)

     -   Shorter term needs

     -   Basic and voluntary group AD&D

     -   Travel accident group AD&D

     -   Volunteer accident programs

     -   Interim insurance while large life application is being underwritten


Other Special Risk:


     -   Kidnap Ransom and Extortion insurance

     -   Contingent Contract protection



We are  The alternative solution providers"


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Hunter McCorquodale is a leading distributor of special risk life, disability, accident, K&R and other unique insurance products.  We  work with insurance advisors and benefit consultants across Canada, providing solutions for client needs that cannot be satisfied in the regular market.

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