Welcome to the first (Established 1996) Canadian Company to specialize in
providing "Direct" electronic contact and information delivery services to
Canada's Life and Dual (Life & Mutual Funds) licensed professionals.

Why sign up to recieve information from IBMCO?

IBMCO is committed to keeping Canada 's life and mutual funds licensed professionals up to date with current industry information and to helping you receive as many money making ideas as possible.


We only send industry related information and only from those companies that interest you.


All messages have an opt out link provided allowing you to tell us you don't want to hear from that particular company again in which case we make sure you are excluded from receiving subsequent messages form that particular company/organization.


We limit the number of messages we send you so you can absorb what you receive.


You will receive information, through IBMCO, from those companies you place business through, which you may not receive otherwise since many do not send these messages directly.


All messages are relevant to what you do and many deal with seminars in your area, conferences and summits, product enhancements, new products, commission changes, promotions, CE credits.


There is no charge to you.



Companies who use our services include MGA's, most of Canada's major life companies, mutual fund companies, paramedical companies, companies who offer CE and industry designation training and a company who specializes in getting your rated and declined prospects coverage.